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Arduino Chatting...

                   Networking is the one the most effective mode and medium of Intra communication Technique which is used to communicate the people connected into the Intranet. But chatting with your colleague is possible with using Arduino? Yeah. Of course possible. Today we are going to discuss about it.

Hardware Required...

  • Arduino mC.                                  x2
  • Hookups                                            x8

Required Hardware.

Software Required...

                       Arduino IDE is an Integrated Development software to edit, debug and run your Embedded C program. Download the latest version of the IDE from above link.

             I'm going to use the Technique of Master-Slave operation of HC-05 module. The master device is going to connect with slave device to share the data.

Move on to Wiring...
      Before moving on to Wiring the HC-05 and Arduino. We have to configure our BT-module as such meet the specification. The configuration of HC-05 is already been discussed. Check it out here.
           After entering your HC-05 into the AT commands. You have to perform such operations to setup the Master and the Slave device.

Wiring Shematic

Slave Setup
   After entering in to the AT Commands. Do the following step to setup the Slave device.

Slave Setup command
Master Setup
                   After entering into the AT commands. Do check the following AT commands to connect the slave with the master device. Note down the Slave devices address and connect it to the master device using the link command.

Master Setup Command.

                      After configuring your master and the slave devices. Disconnect all your wiring and reconnect it as shown. For both master and Slave devices..

Schematic for Both master and Slave

Getting connected..
             The continues blink show the device is ready to pair. The one second blink indicates that the master and the slave devices got connected to each other.

Paired Indication

           Its almost simple. Just copy paste the code into your IDE and check the port and board's version and upload the program.

         And open your serial monitor. And type the message to send to connected device. And enjoy the chatting with Arduino.

Typing the message...
              Open your serial monitor and type the message you want to sent to the connected users.

Message sharing in Serial Monitor.

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